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  • Messaging Service


  • Agent-assisted answering by experienced telephone secretaries.
  • 24-Hour service every day of the year.
  • Hard copy message delivery daily or weekly to your fax machine.
  • Delivery of messages to your Fax machine.
  • Delivery of messages to your Email address.
  • Alpha-numeric dispatch for you and your staff.
  • Alpha and digital pager support.
  • Wide area paging.
  • A variety of Voice Mail services tailored for your business.
  • Free local number or national 800 number.
  • All calls are recorded for quality control and backup.


Let us take over the appointment scheduling requirements for your office. We provide service for medical and dental practices, as well as for a variety of other businesses. We can take over complete appointment scheduling responsibility, freeing you entirely from that task. Or, we can provide fill-in service after your regular business hours, or during holiday, or vacation periods. In this case, our system will coordinate reservations you schedule with those we arrange, avoiding any double booking situations.

Special Services

Over the years we have worked with different clients to develop answering and messaging service solutions for their businesses. Presented here are special services which are available to all clients. More detailed information about each are presented below.

    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Employee Absentee Reporting
    • Answering for Apartment and Housing Developments
    • Emergency Response Dispatch Service
    • Answering for Funeral Homes
    • 800 or Local – Number Answering Services
    • Wake-Up Reminder Service
    • Appointment Scheduling

Absentee/Call Off Line

Have your employees call us when they are scheduling time off or reporting in as absent. This relieves your personnel from dealing with these calls and provides a level of verification not otherwise possible. When your employee calls we verify who they are (by clock number, employee number, department number, etc.), determine the reason for their absence, and find out when they are returning.

We provide them with a Call Off number that includes the date and time of their call or a Message ID number. Because all calls are recorded, you can review your employee’s call to verify the reason for their absence. The Call Off number provides verification, eliminating a source of employee excuses.


If a renter or home owner needs emergency service or is locked-out, we get all their information, then call it out to the proper on-call person.  If any fees are involved, we let them know that as well. If they are having a fire or police issue, we take their information and let them know we will reach the on-call but also instruct them to call the police/fire on their own as well.

Apartment and Housing Developments

We take-over the answering responsibilities for your apartment complex or home owners association. Our agents filter out real emergency situations, reducing the number of calls going to your on-call maintenance personnel or service.

Emergency Response Dispatch Service

We specialize in providing emergency response answering for ambulance services, fire and water restoration services, and other emergency response services. Our clients include a number of Red Cross agencies and the Salvation Army, for example. In the event of a hurricane, tornado, fire, or flood, we contact and dispatch the assigned on-call emergency crews.

In addition, we provide a military personnel response service for reaching a serviceman or woman in the event of any special family circumstance, such as the illness or death of a family member.


Depending on the degree you wish us involved, we can simply convey your business hours to the client, or provide more complete services. Or, we can collect specific information from the client and contact the Director on call for his/her follow-up.

Funeral Homes

We have provided answering and customer assistance services for Funeral Homes for over 40-years, on a national basis. Our agents receive the initial call regarding a loved ones passing, and handle the call according to your instructions.

800 Number Services

Forward your phone to an 800 number – You are assigned an exclusive 800-number. In the event of an emergency, you will not miss calls because we handle your business calls per your instructions. And, 800-call forwarding will not be terminated until either you change it, or the phone company does. Forwarding your office lines to an A-1 800-number means no long distance fees. Plus, you can use the number to retrieve your messages or answer a page.

  • Use an 800-number with Voice Mail Service – Your clients call your A-1 800-number and leave you a voice mail message.
  • Use 800/Voice Mail Service PLUS Auto Revert – In this case your client calls your A-1 800-number and leaves a voice message or, if the call is urgent, the caller is advised to press zero (0). This sends the call to one of our telephone agents where the call is answered per your instructions.

Peace Of mind

Wake-Up Reminder Service

Our Wake-Up or Reminder services assures you will never miss an appointment, are late for work, or never miss taking your medication in the middle of the night. Whatever your requirement, we follow your specific instructions regarding how you want us to handle your wake-up or reminder.

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