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About Us

A-1 has been in business since 1975, which adds up to over 45-years of messaging experience. We serve a wide range of clients, many with unique requirements. Our service is backed up by seasoned telephone agents waiting to answer your calls.

Our agents receive continuing training to keep them current on the best call handling practices. Our supervisors undergo continuing customer support training that focus on the proper ways to deal with customer issues. In addition, supervisors also receive on-going factory training from our equipment manufacturers to assure they are well versed in their many features and capabilities, and know how best to apply them to solve a clients service requirement.

Here’s Why You Should Use Us!

  • We provide telephone answering service anywhere in the United States.
  • Your communication needs are analyzed to assure you get the service you need.
  • Your calls are answered on modern telephone answering equipment.
  • 24-hour supervision and support assures you receive quality messaging services.
  • Regardless of your location, you receive friendly and efficient A-1 service.
  • Your exclusive local number or 800 number is included without extra charge.
  • You may receive your messages by email or fax, or by calling your own local number or 800 number.
  • Forward your phone to your local number or 800 number for convenient live answering service.
  • Advertise your local number or 800 number, under your company name, anywhere in the US.
  • Calls made to your local number or 800 number are answered in your name.
  • Your phone is answered per your instructions with your business name.
  • Your messages consist of who the call is for, the caller’s name, phone number, company name, and a complete message.
  • All calls are answered by courteous, well-trained telephone secretaries.

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